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Title Author Date
Labyrinth of Souls Ale 13-Jan-99
Trail of Tears, 1-5 Ale 1-Jun-99
Dead End  Alice 30-Oct-07
POV Alice 27-May-05
Chances Aliventi, Patti *****
Legacy of Betrayal Aliventi, Patti *****
Medicine Woman, The, 1-2 Aliventi, Patti 15-Jul-00
Imperious Leader Allan, Daniel 19-Sep-02
Facing the Past Alverine 15-Feb-01
Battlestar Galactica-2025 Arthur Kraft 20-Aug-04
Commencement I, 1-4 Athena13 27-Dec-99
Commencement I, 5a Athena13 25-Dec-99
Free Athena13 *****
Victims of Battle Athena13 24-Jul-98
As the Galactica Turns - Again Baltes-Quist, Alice 19-Sep-02
Change of Command, 1-16 Baltes-Quist, Alice 08-Dec-02
Escape Baltes-Quist, Alice 5-Aug-02
Escape, alternate ending Baltes-Quist, Alice 19-Aug-02
Snippet - A Moment in Time From "War of the Gods Baltes-Quist, Alice 21-Aug-02
Turning Point Baltes-Quist, Alice 6-Aug-02
Closure Braunstein, Catherine 19-Jan-03
Futile, 1 Breens, Wim 25-Sep-00
Futile, 2 Breens, Wim 20-Mar-01
There are those... who believe Burgess, Carol 15-Oct-98
Bridging the Gap, 1-4 Burnett, Melissa 1-Jun-99
Bridging the Gap, 5 Burnett, Melissa 29-Jun-99
Casualties Burnett, Melissa *****
Clipped Wings Burnett, Melissa *****
Eternal Grudge Burnett, Melissa *****
Flip Side, The Burnett, Melissa *****
Requiem Burnett, Melissa *****
Sisters Burnett, Melissa *****
Colonial Heroes, 0-4 Bzrkr 8-Mar-99
Starbuck's Hair, 1-34 Carla, Robert, Eugenia, Bill 20-May-09
Sum of All Parts, The : Episode 1 Carla *****
Sum of All Parts, The : Episode 2: Lupus in the Fold Carla 18-Sep-07
Sum of All Parts, The : Episode 3: Convergence Carla 18-Oct-07
Sum of All Parts, The : Episode 4: Reflections  Carla 19-Jan-08
Sum of All Parts, The : Episode 5: Transitions  Carla 15-Mar-08
Sum of All Parts, The : Episode 6: Evolution, 1-2  Carla 17-Apr-08
Decisions, 2 Cathy 14-Oct-00
Decisions, 3 Cathy 29-Sep-01
In The Beginning Michael Cessna 22-Mar-10
BSG/TBAA 3 Chin *****
BSG:TNG 11 - Celebrations and Ceremonies Chin, Joe *****
BSG:TNG 12 - In the Dark Chin, Joe *****
BSG:TNG 13 - Nomen Chin, Joe *****
BSG:TNG 14 Chin, Joe *****
BSG:TNG 15 - The Six Million Cubit Siress Chin, Joe *****
BSG/TBAA 1 Chin/Gieg  *****
BSG/TBAA 2 Chin/Gieg  *****
Ethics of Technical Destiny, The, 1 Coleman, Wayne 28-Jan-99
Battlestar Galactica and the Search for Earth Conway, Barb *****
Chains of Command Conway, Barb *****
Essay, The Conway, Barb *****
Fast As I Can Conway, Barb *****
Together Apart Conway, Barb *****
Battle, The, 0 Davis, Kevin 13-May-98
Battle, The, 1 Davis, Kevin 6-Jul-98
Battle, The, 2 Davis, Kevin 31-Aug-98
Poetry by (0.5 of) Josce of Virgon DeRoo, Nicole T. *****
Crazy Dreams, 1-3 Eugenia 11-Nov-99
Irreconcilable Differences, 1-11 Eugenia 22-Oct-06
More Nightmares on the Galactica Eugenia 29-Oct-06
Name of God, The, 1-10 Eugenia 13-Sep-07
Too Close for Comfort  Eugenia 12-Apr-08
Lost in a Lost World, 1 Ganza, Kerry 7-Feb-02
Tan-tul-lah Ganza, Kerry 7-Feb-02
Baltar's New Vestimenta Gieg, Erin *****
Cassielocks and the Three Cylons Gieg, Erin *****
Cinderbuck Gieg, Erin *****
Jolly and the Legume-Stalk Gieg, Erin *****
Larry-Boy Adventure #1 Gieg, Erin *****
Muffy In Boots Gieg, Erin *****
Ranidae Prince, The Gieg, Erin *****
Sheba and the Pisumi Gieg, Erin *****
Sheba-Punzel Gieg, Erin *****
Snow "Brie" White and the Seven Clones Gieg, Erin *****
Somniculos Beauty Gieg, Erin *****
Three Little Colonials, The Gieg, Erin *****
Appy & 'Thena Guerin/Gieg *****
Hand of God, The Guerin/Paddon *****
Colonial Cookie Caper, 1-4 Hanczyk, Robert 9-Sep-07
Colonial Cookie Capers, 1 Hanczyk, Robert 14-Aug-00
Cylon Jive Hanczyk, Robert *****
Expect the Unexpected Hanczyk, Robert *****
Grinch, The Hanczyk, Robert *****
Is It Always Bad? Hanczyk, Robert *****
Jolly Forgot the Kids, EXTRA! Hanczyk, Robert 15-Apr-01
Launch Tube Mishaps Hanczyk, Robert *****
Light Hanczyk, Robert *****
On the Rising Star  Hanczyk, Robert 23-Apr-08
Sealing Separation Hanczyk, Robert 16-Jan-00
Sire Science Hanczyk, Robert *****
Starbuck and the Tailor, 1 Hanczyk, Robert 27-Nov-00
Turbo Flush, The Hanczyk, Robert *****
BSG/Original Star Trek Crossover Heather 22-Jun-05
Caravan, 1-4 Heatherx 6-Feb-99
Beginning of the End : A Mud Daggits Story Helton, James Lee 4-Aug-00
Mud Daggits II, 1-3 Helton, James Lee 14-Aug-99
Mud Daggits II, 4-7 Helton, James Lee 8-Sep-99
Mud Daggits, 1-24 Helton, James Lee 1-Jan-99
Another Place, Another Time, revised Hutchison, Maggie 7-Jul-02
Beautiful Galactic Game, The, 0-1 Hutchison, Maggie 24-Jul-07
BSG Meets the Hitchhiker's Guide Hutchison, Maggie 8-Apr-01
Cosmic Connection, A Hutchison, Maggie *****
Deception on the Zodia Hutchison, Maggie *****
Desperate Measures Hutchison, Maggie *****
Gamble, The, 1-2 Hutchison, Maggie 1-Sep-03
Gamble, The, 3-6 Hutchison, Maggie 7-Sep-03
Inspection Duty, The Hutchison, Maggie *****
Just Another Day Hutchison, Maggie 6-Feb-05
Natal Day Surprise, The Hutchison, Maggie *****
One Small Battle Hutchison, Maggie 21-Feb-01
Ordeal Hutchison, Maggie *****
Reality/BSG Crossover, 1 Hutchison, Maggie 18-Mar-01
Take the Celestra - alternater version Hutchison, Maggie 5-May-02
The Holy Solonite Pack  Hutchison, Maggie 28-Nov-07
Twist of Fate, A Hutchison, Maggie *****
Young Lords: Alternate Version, The Hutchison, Maggie 31-Mar-02
Transitions Hutchison, Maggie/Eldriam 16-Sep-00
Galactica SDF: Holocaust Jones, Davey *****
G'lactica Isle Jost, Randy J. *****
More BSG Filks Jost, Randy J. 18-Jul-98
Galactican Renaissance, The, 1: Routines Kathy 6-Apr-04
Galactican Renaissance, The, 2: Brothers Kathy 16-Apr-04
Galactican Renaissance, The, 3: Masks Kathy 16-Apr-04
Galactican Renaissance, The, 4: Discoveries Kathy 15-May-04
Galactican Renaissance, The, 5: Remembrance Kathy 18-May-04
Galactican Renaissance, The, 6: Heroes Tears Kathy 29-May-04
Galactican Renaissance, The, 7: Awakenings Kathy 1-Jun-04
Galactican Revival, The, 1: A New Beginning Kathy 15-Jul-04
Galactican Revival, The, 2: Discoveries Kathy 23-Jul-04
Galactican Revival, The, 3: Disclosures Kathy 8-Aug-04
What The Future Holds, 1 Kathy 25-Jan-04
What The Future Holds, 2: Evolution Kathy 30-Jan-04
What The Future Holds, 3: Revelations Kathy 4-Feb-04
What The Future Holds, 4: Secrets Kathy 9-Feb-04
What The Future Holds, 5: A Healer's Touch Kathy 17-Feb-04
What The Future Holds, 6: Decisions Kathy 22-Feb-04
What The Future Holds, 7: Mind Walk Kathy 28-Feb-04
What The Future Holds, 8: Council Puppeteers Kathy 2-Mar-04
What The Future Holds, 9: Returning Home Kathy 5-Mar-04
Blackshirt, 1 Katie 29-May-00
Moving On, 1-8 Katrina 7-Dec-00
Galactic Madness Kelly  *****
Consequence of Alliance, 1-6 Kincaid, Laura Anne 30-Dec-00
Consequence of Alliance, 7 Kincaid, Laura Anne 5-Feb-01
I Hope You Are My Angel Kincaid, Laura Anne *****
Lullaby, The, 1 Kirk, Cassi 14-Jun-99
Lullaby, The, 2 Kirk, Cassi 5-Jul-99
One Day You Will Kirk, Cassi *****
Remembrance Kirk, Cassi *****
Simple Twist of Fate, A, 1 Kirk, Cassi 29-May-99
Together at Last, 1-2 Kirk, Cassi 2-Jul-99
Visions of Tomorrow, 1 Kirk, Cassi 11-Feb-99
You Were Mine Kirk, Cassi *****
Day of Songs Lawrence, Tice *****
Lessons Lawrence, Tice *****
Centurion Rising Lee, Jeff *****
Athena's Fury, 1-6 Lt_Athena 8-Oct-00
Athena's Fury, 7 Lt_Athena 2-Nov-00
Blue Moon Lushkov, Ayelet *****
Caprica Day Lushkov, Ayelet *****
Cold Dreams of Heaven Lushkov, Ayelet *****
De Rerum Naturs Lushkov, Ayelet *****
Goodbye and Thank You, Whoever Lushkov, Ayelet *****
Hermeas Lushkov, Ayelet *****
Life Center Blues, 1-5a Lushkov, Ayelet 4-Jul-99
Loxias Lushkov, Ayelet *****
Sunrise, Sunset Lushkov, Ayelet *****
Three Little Cylons Lushkov, Ayelet *****
Character Study #1 Mac Auslan, R.G. *****
Character Study #2 Mac Auslan, R.G. *****
Found! Mac Auslan, R.G. *****
Mortality Mac Auslan, R.G. *****
Fields of Iron, 1-4 MACessna 28-Nov-05
Battlestar Columbia, 0-2 Markowski, B. James 4-Jul-99
Living with Legends, 1 Markowski, B. James 4-Mar-98
Battlestar Atlantia Markowski, Brian *****
Battlestar Pacifica Markowski, Brian *****
Nothing Markowski, Brian *****
Highlander/BG Fun Martin, Michele 17-Feb-98
Fortune's Wheel, 1-14 McCreery, Leah 28-Aug-99
Fortune's Wheel, 15 McCreery, Leah 26-Oct-99
Fortune's Wheel, 16 McCreery, Leah 25-Jun-00
Solstice Carol, A McCreery, Leah *****
Dreams of a Forgotten Past, 1-4 Melinda 27-Aug-06
Dreams of a Forgotten Past, 5 Melinda 14-Aug-04
First Meetings Meyer, Jana *****
Battlestar Gaia Mike *****
Heroes Return  Minerva 27-Jan-08
Alternate Obsession, 1 Monroe, Sharon 8-Dec-01
Alternate Obsession, 2 Monroe, Sharon 13-Dec-01
Colonial Hazzard Monroe, Sharon 9-May-99
Jolly Forgot the Kids, 1-200 Monroe, Sharon 16-Sep-01
Jolly Forgot the Kids, 201-235 Monroe, Sharon 16-Dec-01
Jolly Forgot the Kids, 236-244 Monroe, Sharon 6-Aug-02
Jolly Forgot the Kids, 245-275 Monroe, Sharon 8-Sep-02
Jolly Forgot the Kids, 276-277 Monroe, Sharon 10-Sep-02
State of the War, The, 0-6 Monroe, Sharon 1-Jun-99
Terra's Seal, 1-15 Monroe, Sharon 7-Dec-99
Battlestar Galactica Script, 1 Orr, Tim 27-Feb-98
BSG/JAG Crossover Orr, Tim 3-Apr-98
Baltar's Escape Paddon, Eric *****
BSG/Planet of the Apes Paddon, Eric *****
Distant Memories Paddon, Eric 1-Sep-06
Experiment In Terra (adaptation) Paddon, Eric *****
Fire in Space (adaptation) Paddon, Eric *****
Greetings From Earth, 0-4 Paddon, Eric 19-Feb-04
Greetings From Earth, 5-7 Paddon, Eric 22-Mar-04
Homeward Bound Paddon, Eric *****
Living Legend, The Paddon, Eric *****
Long Patrol, The Paddon, Eric 11-Apr-03
Lost Planet of the Gods Paddon, Eric 12-Jun-02
Magnificent Warriors, The Paddon, Eric *****
Saga of a Star World (adaptation) Paddon, Eric *****
War of the Gods (adaptation) Paddon, Eric *****
Young Lords, The Paddon, Eric 9-Sep-02
Advent of Space Casanova Paddon/Guerin  *****
Ghost From the Past, A, Part I Passmore, Michael *****
Ghost From the Past, Part 2 Passmore, Michael 1-Jan-99
Battlestar America: Faith of the Gods, 1 Presnell, Conley 13-Feb-08
Leap of a Lifetime, 1-3 Presnell, Conley 13-Apr-03
Battlestar Galactica: Operation: United Earth R., Paul 30-Apr-12
Apollo's Journal Rae II *****
Athena's Diary: A Love Lost Rae II  *****
Buried Secrets Rae II  *****
Cassie's Journal: The Ultimate Betrayal Rae II 9-Apr-01
Faces of Deception, 1a Rae II 10-Jul-01
Gaziantep Escape, The, 1-10 Rae II 19-Feb-04
Kobol Remembered, Part 1 Rae II  *****
Kobol Remembered, 18-21 Rae II 25-Jun-99
Kobol Remembered, 22 Rae II 5-Oct-99
Kobol Remembered, 23 Rae II 24-Apr-01
Reflections of the Soul Rae II *****
Reflections of Times Gone By Rae II *****
Sheba's Diary: Water From the Moon Rae II  *****
Starbuck's Journal: Place Your Bets Rae II  *****
Complications Rebecca  *****
One Unique Night Ronconi, Alessandra *****
Family Man, A Roquelaure, Rachel 22-Jul-99
First Loves Roquelaure, Rachel *****
After the Fire Ruthann 25-Nov-06
After the Pegasus Ruthann 30-May-04
Obedient to Their Law, 1-2 Sal 28-Feb-01
Obedient to Their Law, 3 Sal 12-Mar-01
Bojay's Revenge Seanchaidh *****
Caprica the Brave Seanchaidh *****
Clear Skies Seanchaidh *****
Empty Dreams Seanchaidh *****
Family Connections, 1-5 Seanchaidh 4-Jul-99
Game of Life, Part 1 Seanchaidh *****
Game of Life, Part II (14-20) Seanchaidh 4-Jul-99
Holiday Spirits Seanchaidh *****
In the End Seanchaidh *****
Itchy Feet on the Dance Floor Seanchaidh *****
Kinship & Command Seanchaidh 19-Mar-99
Promises Seanchaidh *****
What Goes Bump In the Night... Seanchaidh *****
Whispers Seanchaidh *****
Yarning Piper Crossover, 0-1 Seanchaidh 30-Sep-98
Greetings From Cylon Senmut 26-Jun-01
My Word as a Warrior Senmut 13-Sep-04
Night Before Thanksgiving, The Senmut 25-Nov-04
Out of the Mouths of Babes Senmut 15-Jun-04
There's Somthing You Need to Know Senmut 30-Sep-06
Reflections of the Soul, 12 - the SharonCon Edition SharonCon *****
New Friends Simpson, Sheryl 18-Sep-99
Trial, The, 1 Simpson, Sheryl 24-Sep-98
Destiny Unfolded, A Stacey, Adam *****
G80: A Small Child Trakal  *****
Origins: A Yule Story I Twin Goddess *****
Origins: A Yule Story II Twin Goddess *****
Partners Twin Goddess *****
For Those Hazel Eyes Valle, Pedro *****
Titania's Escape Valle, Pete *****
Boxey & the Daggit Vaughn 13-Aug-07
Moving Made Easy, 1-3 Vaughn 24-Aug-01
Moving Made Easy, 4 Vaughn 18-Sep-01
Resistance, 1-4 Vaughn 7-Dec-00
Survival Is Not Mandatory, 1-16 Vaughn 03-Aug-07
Hook, Line and Sinker, 1-9  Vaughn/Lisa Zaza 9-Apr-08
Heroes Vivian, Tina *****
Card Games Walkswithwind, James *****
Destiny Wallace, Sam *****
Brothers From Space 1-15 Weerts, S. 13-Apr-08
Pink Bunny Story Writers of the BSG Fanfic List  *****
Best Laid Schemes: Empyrean Story #4 Zaza, Lisa 19 May 08
Blowing Off the Stink Zaza, Lisa 20 Jun 08
Broken Zaza, Lisa *****
Countermeasures Zaza, Lisa 16 Aug 11
Empyrean Curse, The Zaza, Lisa *****
Empyrean Talisman, The Zaza, Lisa *****
Empyreans Story 5: Beyond the Heavens Zaza, Lisa 25 Apr 09
Lords, Save Me From the Empyreans Zaza, Lisa *****
Living with Regret Zaza, Lisa 23 Oct 08
Old Man Churl: A Winter Solstice Story Zaza, Lisa 20 Dec 09
On The Line Zaza, Lisa 18 Sep 08
Perceptions of Reality Zaza, Lisa *****
Red Leader One, In Trouble  Zaza, Lisa 12 Nov 07
Skill, Planning and Execution Zaza, Lisa *****
Spacehappy Zaza, Lisa *****
The One and Only Zaza, Lisa 18 Oct 08
The Words Zaza, Lisa 04 Jun 08
Throw Me a Line Zaza, Lisa *****
Beyond Basics Zaza, Lisa & Maggie H. *****
Just a Centon Zaza, Lisa & Maggie H. *****


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